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Minnesota state law gives local units of government the opportunity to propose reforms of state mandates. The law is as follows:

Minn. Stat. § 6.79 - State Mandates
A county, town, school district, or statutory or home rule charter city may file a written resolution with the state auditor objecting to a state mandate or making recommendations for reforming a state mandate. The state auditor must list on the state auditor's Web site a list of all state mandates cited in a resolution under this section, and the name of the unit of local government citing the mandate.

Please submit resolutions to mandates@auditor.state.mn.us or to:

Office of the State Auditor
Attention: Mandates
525 Park Street, Suite 500
Saint Paul, MN 55103.

Please Note:
The statute requiring the listing of mandate reform proposals was passed during the 2005 legislative session. Most of the mandate reform proposals listed were submitted to the Office of the State Auditor in 2005 and 2006 from past governing bodies. Law changes have been made regarding some of these proposals since these proposals were submitted.

Proposals by Type of Local Government

Resolutions from Local Government Groups

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